Cowl Done, Exhaust System Nearly Done, Misc.

After a one week holiday at the lake, I am back to work on the airplane project.

The cowling is done with the exception of the fasteners across the bottom of the firewall. I will also have to make additional trim cuts on the bottom cowling to accommodate the Vetterman exhaust system.

I have spent more time on the exhaust then I thought I would. The Vetterman exhaust is very well designed and fits the engine very well. It’s all the little stuff that takes a significant amount of time. Fabricating the hangers, doing the heat muffs and scat tubing, installing and wiring the EGT probes, installing the heat shields to protect hoses and the FT-60 etc. With the exception of connecting the wires, that is all done now.

My Dad and I knocked out the oil door on the top cowling today.

As of now the “to do list” stands at about 50 items.

Here is the final paint scheme design:

24 hours (2 people x 12 hours)

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