Hanging the Engine

The hottest day of the year (98F). This part of the project was surprisingly easy. We probably spent as much time getting the engine onto the hoist as we did bolting the engine to the airplane.

The clearances around the engine accessories (P-Mags, standby alternator, fuel pump etc.) and the engine mount were tight, but with three people (Jim V, my Dad, and me) and the hoist it was pretty easy to get it lined up.

Dad and I worked on the oil cooler shelf (surprisingly more complex than I expected).

We even made a post work dump run to get rid of the Lycoming packing materials. Marianne is very happy to have a lot of the garage back to normal.

12 hours (4 hours x 3 people).

There are four engine mounts that hold the engine to the airplane. The isolation mounts have to be carefully assembled and torqued.
I wanted to take it outside to ensure the GTN 650 navigator got a good GPS signal. It is back in the garage for now (we will move it to the hanger next weekend).

Now comes more fun. I will need to do all the oil and fuel hoses and electrical connections. I expect this will take a couple days. After that, I can put the baffling on. Then the propeller, and the cowling (I am really NOT looking forward to that part of the project).

I had a really nice call with another local builder (Rick S.) who has offered to help me install the wings (hopefully the middle of August).

Also, big props to some people / companies that have been great to work with:

Allan at Anti-Splat – great products, even better service and support

Steve and Tom at AS Flightlines – the BEST hoses, and unbelievably great service

Brad at Emagair – manufacturer of the P-Mags. Super cool product and great customer service.

Tyler at Lycoming – I called with some rookie questions and he was super helpful.

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