Engine Fittings

There are several fittings on the back of the engine that need to be installed before hanging the engine. Apparently others have found out the hard way that you can’t easily install the fittings after the engine is on the airplane.

The fittings include: oil temp sensor, oil upper, oil lower, oil pressure sensor, manifold pressure sensor, tach cap and several fuel fittings.

We have them installed now.

We are also working on the standby alternator, the oil filter right angle adapter and both P-mags.

It is important to do the different tasks in order since I quickly found out that many of these things conflict with each other. For example, the oil filter adapter interferes with almost everything else so it needs to go last.

Because I added the oil filter 90 degree adapter, I had to use a straight fitting on the bottom oil port and a 45 degree fitting on the upper port. I also had to clock them differently from the Van’s plan.

We will do some of the fire stop caulking tonight and finish the fittings tomorrow. The goal is to be ready to hang the engine on Saturday. If all goes well, we will move the project to the airport the following Saturday.

Four hours (2 people x 2 hours)

The hole with nothing in it is where the standby alternator (in the lower right corner) goes. Note that with the B and C oil filter adapter, the oil temp sensor goes in it rather than in the case as shown on the Van’s plans.

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