Control Sticks and Flap Position Sensor

This was one of those rare days where things went smoothly with no mistakes, re-dos or other issues.

I got both sticks in. The cross connect is a bit challenging because there isn’t much room to work and there are washers and spacers that all have to be installed. I checked the alignment between the two sticks and the stick travel (fore and aft) and both were well within tolerance.

I then worked on the small Ray Allen sensor that is used to send the flap position to the EFISs and power controller. I was expecting this to be more difficult then it turned out to be. I had to remove part of the flap assembly that had been installed earlier so I could drill a hole in it but this was pretty straight forward. I still have to run the sensor’s wiring to the panel (when the panel arrives that is).

I got good news on the propeller and the interior. Both should ship in the next few days (a bit ahead of schedule). The finish kit should be in the crating process now so that should be coming in the next three weeks or so.

The instrument panel is being built at Steinair now (due in April-ish). The engine is likely to be mid May.

Jon and I have decided to remove the NACA vent that moved during install and redo it. Sucks, but in the end it will be better.

Hours: 2.5

The sticks need to move forward and backward from -13 to +23.1 degrees. The cross connect is a total PITA because it is difficult to get the bolt, washers, spacers and nut on. An alignment pin makes it a lot easier.
Strangely, Van’s plans have you install the flap actuator in section 34 and then disassemble it in section 54 to put the sensor in. I think the reason is that the sensor is actually optional. The red arrow indicates the new hole you need to drill to take the push rod from the sensor.
The position sensor installed. The plans call for a piece of flex tubing PT-PU-.066 but I have no idea what that even is. I ended up using a small piece of fuel line tubing I bought at a Hobby Town (used for R/C airplanes). Pro Tip from Jon: use a 9V battery to move the flap actuator when you are determining the exact position of the position sensor.

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