More Panel Progress

Jon, my Dad and I worked for about 8 hours today on the panel. We got a lot of it done but there is probably another full day of wire work to do before we can test it all out.

I started the morning terminating RG400 coax with BNC connectors. First one took me 45 minutes but after that I was able to do them in about 10 minutes each. The video by SteinAir (available on YouTube) is invaluable.

I realized that the GPS antenna connection for the GTN650 uses a TNC connector instead of a BNC connector. Another order from Stein…

We got to work pulling wire to the wings and tail. The wire runs were filling up fast when Jon noticed that I was running wire behind the panel stiffener instead of in front of it where it was supposed to go. Lots of swearing later, and I was able to re-pull all the wires I had already done. Argghhh! The good news is it looks much better in the proper place.

I attached about 40 ground wires to the firewall termination block. Some of these could have been grounded locally, but doing a home run for all grounds will ensure the devices get a proper ground.

Two odd things from SteinAir:

1. The TP51 temperature probe was wired into the GSU 25 ADHARS but couldn’t possibly fit through the wire runs/grommets. Will need to re-do it.

2. The headset jacks/mics are terminated at both ends (in the connector for the GMA 245R and on the jacks themselves. Again, no way to run the wires through the wire runs/grommets.

Sore backs all around from spending so much time leaning into the airplane.

16 hours (2 people x 8 hours each)

The wires in the front of the photo are ones that have yet to be run.

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