Making Serious Progress on the Panel

We’ve got most of the components in now. Last big one is the GTN-650xi. It has taken a few hours to get the mounting tray for it installed. The fit is tight and it will look bad if the bezel sticks out.

I will have to move the GDL51 because one of the connectors hits the back of the GDU. Exploring options now.

Still a lot of wire to be run including to the stick grips, wings and various antennas.

Got the EarthX battery today. Amazing how light it is. I knew it was light, but the box almost feels empty.

Rosie the Riveter
I realized after I built this little shelf that there would be no way to remove the GEA24 after I put the top skin on. In the very unlikely scenario that I have to remove it, I will drill out five rivets.

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