Canopy Latching Mechanism

This took me about five hours. Probably should have taken me about half that much but I took it back apart twice before I got it right. The first time was because I did a couple steps out of order and wouldn’t you know it, the first step blocked me from doing the second step. Follow the freaking directions!

The second time was because I had one of the linkages installed incorrectly which caused it to bind up. After several minutes of head scratching, I saw my mistake and fixed it. The good news is that I was getting better (faster) at putting it together each time.

We decided to replace the Van’s standard latch handle with a much better built handle from a third party source. I think it looks a lot better.

Five hours.

You can see the improved latch handle on the right in this picture. The Van’s supplied handle looks like it belongs on a cheap screen door.

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