NACA Vent Removal

Somehow when I installed it the NACA vent on the left side moved backward about half an inch. I didn’t notice it for a day or so and by that time the ProSeal had set up completely. My first inclination was to leave it as is and “repair” it with a bit of extra fiberglass. Jon and I discussed it and decided to remove the vent.

Using a safety knife and a carpet knife I was able to cut through most of the ProSeal to remove the vent. Unfortunately, during the process I had to destroy the vent itself.

I salvaged the eyeball part ($160) but will have to re-buy the fiberglass NACA vent which isn’t too expensive. I have about another hour of effort to remove the last of the ProSeal that is still on the inside of the fuselage skin.

Hours: 2

It looks uglier than it actually is. With a bit of scraping and some chemical treatment I think I can remove the last of the ProSeal.

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