Rudder Pedals

Completed rudder pedals and plumbing some of the in-cockpit brake lines.  Because we are using TS Flightline brake lines, we had to enlarge one of the holes in the rudder  pedal assembly middle support bracket to pass the brake lines through. 

Realized that the rudder cables were in backward (forward end was at the tail ). The ends of the cable are different. Had to drill out several rivets where the cable exits the fuse near the tail to swap the cables end for end. 

Found a couple places where we missed putting in some rivets.  Luckily they were pretty easy to get to.  

Attached the rudder cable anti-rub tubing to the center fuse using 4 adell clamps.  It was especially difficult because there is very little room to get fingers and wrenches in there. 

12 hours (2 people x 6 hours each). 

You need to be careful to assemble the rudder pedals correctly. They all look the same, but they are not. It is important that they move freely without having side to side slop. It was necessary to use one thick washer and one thin washer on several of the bolts to give the proper amount of freedom.
The rudder pedal frame mid-point brace has three holes in it. I enlarged the center hole to allow two TS Flightlines braided brake lines to pass through it. The other two lines will pass through the other smaller hole.

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